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Hearsay Social Mobile   ▿

Attract prospects and grow business on the go

Goal: To bring the core functionality of the Hearsay desktop app to the iPhone and then to the iPad 

Targeted Audience: insurance agents / financial advisors

Outcomes: launched the hearsay social

My Contributions:  design, prototyping, usability testing

Deliverables: wireframes, prototypes, and presentations

Team: Shlomo Goltz with Yahui Jin and Chuck Jordan

Much of the work done in financial services is no longer done just in the office. Several quarters ago, we found that many of our users were accessing Hearsay Social on tablets and smartphones, despite our mobile web app having only a fraction of the functionality found in our desktop software. I joined the small mobile team to bring feature rich, native experiences to the iPhone, and am now beginning to do so on the iPad and Android platforms as well.

Hearsay Mobile - iPad

We are using the lessons learned form the more space constrained iPhone screen augmented with some influences from the desktop to create a content-first approach for tablets.

Hearsay Mobile - iPhone   ▿

These two features, when used together, are the main way that insurance agents and financial advisors nurture and enhance relationships with their clients. The content library is a place where financial service companies have curated recommended content, such as pictures, links, and text to post to their social networks. The publisher is a place where agents can write their own original content to create personalized posts that showcase their own knowledge, creativity, and personality.

Search and Filtering   ▿
Search and Filtering   ▿

See the full set of sketches exploring the options we considered for search and filtering.

See wireflows that show a more refined iteration for our next version of searching and filtering.

The content library is ever evolving and changes frequently, so it would be quite tedious and time consuming to manually browse all the suggested posts. Here you can see the planning that has gone into the next version of an integrated search and filtering solution that make finding the right content easier and faster.

Responses Prototype

This prototype explored a different way to consume information than its desktop counterpart. The mobile version of Responses encourages users to read all comments in their feed.